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Country of Origin: Portugal Chrush Date: November 2022

High phenol content of 709ppm, this antioxidant powerhouse is loaded with a whopping 189pm of healthful Olecanthal which lends this oil its powerful pepperiness. It is unique and complex with tropical fruit characteristics, a sweet berry and cream center and fiery Szechuan peppercorn finish/lingering spicy mouth feel.


Fruitiness: 4.0, Bitterness: 4.3, Pungency: 4.5

FFA: 0.29 | PV: 4.I6 | OLEIC: 75.86 | BIOP: 709.2 | DAGS:

Lentrisca—Robust Intensity Ultra Premium 375ml

  • 375 ml (12.7 oz.) Bottle

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