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America is the Dumping Ground of Fraudulent Oil

The majority of olive oil in America is fraudulent. You've probably walked down the grocery store aisles and seen many bottles claiming to be extra virgin. It is more likely that they are not. Fake olive oils are either mixed with lower quality oils or lower quality oils are mislabeled as real. It is also common for companies to advertise their balsamic vinegars as being real, when they are actually filled with dyes and mixed with lower quality vinegars. At Olivezia, we promise quality oils and believe in selling only the best olive oils and vinegars to our customers. Don't be fooled by their false advertising and make the switch now! Your body will reap the benefits of true extra virgin olive oil and real balsamic vinegar. Not only this, but Olivezia offers flavors for every preference.

Source: Forbes


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