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Olive Oil May Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

The scientific community has known about the benefits of a Mediterranean diet for decades now. They believe that their large levels of consumption of high quality extra virgin olive is what causes followers of the Mediterranean diet to live longer and have fewer occurrences of heart disease. America's leading cause of death is heart disease, something we think is common and normal. However, we have an entirely different relationship with food than many other countries. It is custom in other cultures to treat food as a tool. Fueling your body with only the best ingredients (like in the Mediterranean diet) can be the best way to keep the doctor away. Decades of research has shown that a strict Mediterranean diet is associated with severely lower levels of mortality rates due to heart disease.

What makes olive oil so special? Extra virgin olive oil contains high levels of antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body to prevent cancer, lower cholesterol and blood pressure which decreases risk of strokes and heart attacks. Additionally, antioxidants help keep the immune system health and strong and your blood flow free of toxins and buildups.

Many Americans wonder how they can make healthy changes in their diet. They may be worried about the cost, the energy, the planning, or all of the above. At Olivezia, we are here to help and want to make healthy eating accessible to as many people as possible. Adding Olivezia to your diet can make a huge difference in your life. Start small and substitute your grocery store olive oils with Olivezia's premium EVOOs.

Bonus: Here is an example of keeping your food simple and healthy. Let's say I want to meal prep a big salad. I buy whole bundles of lettuce and/or kale and healthy toppings (snap peas, tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh or frozen chicken, etc). Wash all veggies/fruits. Let your lettuce dry to keep it fresher for longer. Then, make a simple dressing (try 3 parts tuscan herb olive oil and 1 part traditional balsamic vinegar).

Source: Healthline & PubMed


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