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Feel Full Longer with Vinegar

Vinegar contains probiotics which have been shown to keep you full for longer. Introducing vinegar into the diet may help reduce those urges to overindulge and may help in weight management. Olivezia has dozens of unique vinegar flavors (white and dark) that can be used in salad dressings, drizzled on desserts, or used as a marinade. Treat your body right without losing out on the flavors you love. Craving something sweet? Drizzle some of our cinnamon pear balsamic on some ice cream. Or even eat a spoonful! Want a healthy salad to have some flavor? Make a 2 minute vinaigrette!

Bonus: Studies have found that adding vinegar to your morning meal may help individuals consume fewer calories throughout the day. This could aid individuals in healthy weight management, especially when it comes to stopping those cravings.


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