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Olivezia olive oil is the secret ingredient to better taste and better health.

Our ultra premium olive oils aren’t like the grocery store variety. Made by artisans from around the world, early harvest and freshness are the key to  providing health benefits and enhancing recipes.

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Delicious Recipes
From ultra-simple salad dressing combinations to impressive entrées, here are some recipes to help you maximize the magic of Olivezia olive oils and vinegars.
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Did You Know?
How long do olive trees live? What is the origin of the word "vinegar"? How many pounds of olives does it take to make one quart of oil? When was vinegar discovered?
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Good for You
Olivezia olive oils and vinegars are good for you in many ways, including lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and reducing the risk of serious health problems while improving your digestive health. 

Custom Labels for That Special Occasion

Olivezia's 60ml bottles filled with delicious and healthy premium olive oils or balsamics are the perfect way to say thank you for a wedding, shower, corporate event, or special occasion.  They can be presented in individual bottles, pairs, or gift sets of four and six bottles.
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Our 40+ flavors of premium vinegar are good for your recipes and your body.

Olivezia's balsamic vinegars are made in Modena, Italy and are aged up to 18 years using the traditional “Solera Method”. Explore flavor combinations with Olivezia olive oils for an easy, delicious, and healthy salad dressing. Add a vinegar or two to your pantry for that extra "something" when you need it.


Olivezia—A gourmet grocery store for those with good taste.

Our knowledgable staff believe the best flavors come from the best ingredients. Our premium olive oils, balsamic vinegars, fine cheeses, pastas, and wines represent careful research to find the tastiest and healthiest flavors in the world. Our oils and vinegars are available online in dozens of flavors. Visit our Chesterton store for food and wine.

Taste for yourself at our tasting emporium.

Experience free samples of featured oils, vinegars & foods at Olivezia. Our knowledgable staff is on hand to answer questions or provide recommendations for pairings, new flavors, recipes, and staff favorites.

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